We create architecture and design, perform all types of construction work, implement projects, and more...

Interior design
From idea and favorite colors to the final concept – we are here to create your dream space according to your wishes. As a result, you will get a project concept (2-3 design options), working drawings and 3D visualizations.
Architectural design
For 20 years of work we have built more than one house. Expertise in design and architecture allows us to create unique buildings in residential and public sectors.
Repair and construction works
Our team will vanish your fear of renovation and make this process simple and straightforward for you. As a result, you will receive quality work, fixed prices, adequate terms and a guarantee.
Author's supervision
We provide full control over the implementation of the project and selection of materials, furniture, plumbing and everything you need for renovation. In addition, our team controls the work of construction crew in terms of quality, compliance with deadlines and compliance with the project. If necessary, we make adjustments to the process.
Selection of real estate
Choosing an apartment or commercial space is another adventure and we are ready to accompany you. Our experts advise and select 3-5 best real estate options with the lowest risks: both for investment purposes and for personal use.
Legal and technical expertise of the object
You have already chosen a room? Our lawyers will conduct a comprehensive risk analysis of the property, as well as a full analysis of the technical condition of it and prepare an inspection report for you indicating the defects and a conclusion.

What`s more, we have a service that brings it all together



Clients who contact us receive a full range of services from one responsible company with an unconditional guarantee.

The studio brings together professionals from various fields, including interior designers, architects, decorators, builders and lawyers . This allows us not only to create modern projects, but also to implement them.