Our clients get a project on a turnkey basis, which means a full set of services

We guarantee full stack and quality execution of all types of works and services in terms of creation stylish space, instead of searching separate contractors, namely, designers, draftsmen, builders, engineers and construction teams.



1/ Interior design:

Our experienced designers will create a project of your dream, including the re-planning plan (a few variants), working drawings and visualization images.


2/ Architectural design:

We create the buildings and structures in the residential and public sectors: from the development of a unique concept to its implementation.


3/ Repair and construction works:

Our experts will help you to vanish your fear of upcoming repair, making the process simple, understandable and careless for you. As a result, you will receive: high quality works, fixed prices, meeting deadlines and a 5-year guarantee.


4/ Design supervision:

We will provide delicate control over the project execution; will carry out the selection of finishing materials, furniture, plumbing and lighting facilities. We will control the work of the builders for the implementation of our project. And if necessary, we’ll make the required adjustments.


5/ Legal and technical expertise of the project:

We make comprehensive risk analysis regarding your investment in real estate to protect your funds.

Also, our company’s specialists will do full analysis of the technical condition of the real estate and execute an inspection report for you with a list of the defects and corresponding conclusions.


6/ Selection of the real estate:

According to your criteria, the specialists of our company will select 3-5 optimum objects for your investments (in the primary and secondary markets) with minimal risks for you.